Jumpstart Service

It’s no secret that cold can mess with your car battery. However, you don’t have to allow a dead or faulty battery to prevent you from using your vehicle. Our jumpstart experts are always ready to come to your aid if your car can’t start because of a dead battery.

Requesting a stranger to help you jumpstart the car is risky. What’s more, not every motorist has jumper cables or even knows how to jumpstart a car. Another option is calling a relative or a friend and asking them to stop what they’re doing to come over and help you. Alternatively, you can contact the North Charleston Towing Service to enlist a professional jump start service.


When to Hire Our Jump Start Service

Maybe your vehicle is not starting after parking it for an extended period. In that case, the battery could be dead, requiring jumpstarting. Also, you may notice that the vehicle doesn’t display a warning light, chime, or warning buzz indicating that your car battery is low.

Here are more signs that your battery is low or dead, requiring jumpstarting: 

  • The car is not responding to the keyless entry fob, and you can’t unlock it using a remote. In that case, the battery is dead without a single volt. In that case, your car needs jumpstarting.
  • After pushing the car’s start button or turning the key, the vehicle produces a weird sound. And this is also a sign that the battery is low and requires jumpstarting or recharging.
  • On turning the ignition and turning the lights, they barely glow, while the speedometer needles flicker, act crazy, or jump. That means the car battery needs a boost to restart again.

Having a dead or low battery in some places is risky for you and your vehicle. That’s why you shouldn’t hesitate to contact us for immediate assistance if in North Charleston, SC.

24/7 Car Battery Jump Start Service in North Charleston, SC

We’re a professional company providing car battery jumpstart services for all kinds of vehicles, including heavy-duty trucks and passenger cars. Ideally, we’ve invested in high-capacity equipment to ensure that our crew caters to all car jumpstarting needs of our clients. We’re prepared to offer you the best jumpstart service, even if you have an RV, a pickup truck, a semi-truck, or a trailer that needs jumpstarting.

What’s more, we offer a 24/7 jumpstart service. That means you can contact us late at night or early in the morning to get quality jump start assistance. And it doesn’t matter whether your vehicle is in an open field or a cramped garage. Our crew can come over and jumpstart it without a problem.

Apart from offering the best jump start service at an affordable price, our technicians are friendly and professionals. They aim to exceed every client’s expectations with every appointment. Be confident that you will love every aspect of our service once you hire us to jumpstart your vehicle. We’re prompt, efficient, and reliable. Above all, we focus on ensuring your safety and that of your car. Call us to jumpstart your car today if you have a dead or low battery!

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